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OOAK Original Pendants

Posted on 2007.04.30 at 12:28
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I've been experimenting using different techniques to create art pendants. These are art you can wear, but they can also be hung from a simple cord or ribbon to decorate any small space, such as inside a computer armoire or in an office cubicle. Here are two of the ones I now have listed in my etsy store:

The one on the left is a mixed-media pendant with a dragonfly in 3D skimming across the surface of an impressionist lily pond. The one on the right has a vine motif loosely inspired by decoration found in the borders of medieval manuscripts. Both are handpainted using a wooden domino as the base, and sealed with a durable varnish.


Grace Vibbert
gwacie at 2007-04-30 17:49 (UTC) (Link)
I like how the dragonfly pendant looks iridescent; is that an opalescent paint or just an illusion caused by the color choices?
teresasart at 2007-04-30 18:44 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for the comment. :) I did use thin layers of iridescent paint on the dragonfly to give it that opalescent look.
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